Get Versed with New Technological Features in Smartphones

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The market has new smartphones being launched by companies every day. It is so confusing for a buyer on which features to consider and which ones are not really that important. In this article verse yourself with the main features of smartphones available today to help yourself in your buying decision.

The most wanted operating software by Apple is Apple’s iOS which has an integrated ecosystem and intuitive interface. In case you already own iPad/iPod or Mac, it would be easy to go with the iPhone. If you are a first time buyer of an Apple device get the best offers at
Retina Display
It is exclusively used in the iPhones by Apple. It is a clever marketing phrase by iPhone saying iPhones sport LCD screens that have high resolutions and pixel density to give you the best possible picture clarity.

Fingerprint scanning
Fingerprint scanning was popularized by Apple for unlocking the iPhone but succeeded in making way into smarphones most notably Note4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 besides latest iPhones. Apple started integrating fingerprint scanning with payment authentication. This is part of feature called Touch ID. Apple Pay uses fingerprint scans in making real world payments. Use latest Flipkart promo codes to get any smartphone at a cool discount.

Vibrant and high contrast colors are produced by AMOLED screens in Samsung Galaxy S5. AMOLED make use of organic chemicals for generating light. AMOLED displays utilize OLEDs for creating light when exposed to electric current. These screens have more vibrant colors and higher contrast than LCDs. Samsung is on vanguard of AMOLED panels.

LCD screens have covered a long distance from digital watches and alarm clocks. Now the LCD panels of smartphone provide HD resolutions. External backlight is used by LCDs for illumination that causes shallow viewing angles and lesser contrast when compared to AMOLED displays. The colors appear very natural and beautiful. Easily buy this best Smartphone with Snapdeal discount coupons.

 Samsung Exynos
Samsung makes own processors under Exynos brand. It has also sometime back introduced Exynos 7 Octa, Exynos chip and assuring 64 bit computing and is likely to come up with few global variations of some top phones of the company such as Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy 6. Other Samsung phones will keep using Qualcomm’s chipsets.

Windows Phone
Windows Phone 8.1 assists in leveling playfield with a voice assistant and notification center. The power users might not find this very deep or flexible as Android but Windows phones get a lift because of solid hardware choices.

Wireless charging
This has been slow in catching up with phones despite need for constant increase in power. Efforts are on to increase charging power and take benefit from campaigns such as wireless charging rooted in tablets at coffee shops. Wireless charging can be achieved by plug-in dongle.

Android is most customizable OS but specialized twist is added by manufacturers that leads to the slower OS updates and interface which may need more ramping-up. Phone makers use custom layer for adding features of software which others may not have.


Other than android, windows, iOS Blackberry is the fourth operating system available in the market and is a typical business phone. Once a premier brand of mobile devices, is now in shaky condition as many owners have gone for Android smartphones or iOS. However the company is still going ahead with BlackBerry Passport and is expected to come back with a bang.
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Facebook And Instagram Are Down Across The Globe.

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Facebook and Instagram the image sharing platform owned by facebook went down on 11:50 IST on today
Vistors on facebook are welcomed by the message "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can. "
The reason for went down are still aren't down clear.
guess the reason for outage and comment below 4hakers.
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Time For You To Upgrade Your Thoughts With Samsung Mobile Android

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You must be sick and tired of using bar phones and want to upgrade to the next level, right? If the answer is yes, then make sure to get in touch with the android base phones, first. This can be defined as the first step, which can improve your knowledge and help in offering you with the right features, and basics of smartphones. From grand to mega, young to trend, you just name it, and there are latest phones, available from the Samsung option. If you are looking for the right option, Samsung is the best option, on the cards. Moreover, take a look at the price value of the products too, before a final investment.

Focusing towards the android base
  •  Now, after you have settled for the best phone, next is the android base. This OS platform is broadly divided under two major sections, nowadays.
  •   Some phones are based on the Android jelly beans category, and another one is named as KitKat version.
  •  In maximum instances, the phones are based under the jelly beans category, and the latest updates in the market come with KitKat version.
  • The most proficient one of the lot is KitKat 4.4.2 versions. Therefore, make sure to choose the right product, as per your choice and budget plans.
Go for the features
  • With the basic Android platform, you are likely to come in terms with the right features.
  •  The high pixel quality of the product comes with best HD resolution. Therefore, with samsung mobile android, you can experience the best of smartphone, for your use.
  •  Apart from the interface, the display of the phones might vary a lot. The basic android model comes with 4 inches screen, and the latest product comes under 6.3 inches screen, under Galaxy Prime.
  •    If you are short of money and need a basic phone, then Star can prove to be a good option, for you. The basic amount starts within 4k.
Check out the design and color
So, you have finally settled withthe best samsung mobile android, after checking out the features, right? For this stage, you have to take a look at style and design of the phone first, and go for the leather back, if needed. For a comfortable grip, this perforated signs or dotted backside is the best option, so far. The way, in which technology is advancing, you are likely to get in touch with different types of services, within few upcoming years.
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Smartphone Users Control Your Apps Permissions with Snoopwall

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Snoopwall Privacy mobile applications helps you to control your apps permissions. a comprehensive tool for protecting your privacy from snooping apps on your smartphone. 

Snoopwall Privact App
it's time to reclaim your privacy, today. Privacy App is free. this applications allows you to manage your apps permissions and audits banking apps for security flaws and also shows you which apps use webcam, gps, nfc and much more.

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Take out maximum advantage of exciting Samsung galaxy S5 specification

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Samsung is an ever emerging company in the field of mobile phones. They have evolved as a leader in producing huge variety of mobile phones ranging in specifications and features. Today is the world of Smartphones which are built with smart and advanced technology. The mobile phones ranging from few common features to huge innovative features have been launched by Samsung. Every single phone of Samsung possesses distinctive specifications. One of the recently launched Smartphone of Samsung is Samsung galaxy S5. It comes packed with high end features and specifications.

·         Customized design: The most innovative thing about the design of this phone is that it is completely dust and water resistant. Keeping the human tendency in mind, this phone provides resistance to rain, sweat, dust and sand. This means that under any circumstances, these hurdles cannot harm the smooth working of your phone. You can easily enjoy its features and usage anywhere and anytime. In terms of screen, it possess a complete HD display of 5.1 inches which offers smart feature of optimising the colour and contrast of the screen according to the lighting you are present in. Its eye catching and shimmering colours are also very attractive.

·        High End Camera quality: The distinctive features of  the camera of this phone is that it has the ability to create selective focus which means it will capture only those things which are important and blur the rest. Apart from this, its 16 megapixel camera also features rapid auto focus with which any kind of moving moment can be captured. It also enriches the picture quality with the HDR feature. 

·         Power packed features: People can enjoy quick access to their phones along with security with the feature of finger scanner. Another fast and furious feature of this phone is its download booster which helps in boosting up the speed of any kind of download. This phone will always keep you powered even if your battery turns low with its UPS (Ultra Power saving) mode.

These are some of the distinctive Samsung galaxy S5 specification which makes it unique and innovative from other models of Samsung Smartphones. Apart from these, there are various other specifications also related to hardware, software and processor. It is based on Android 4.4.2 operating system with a storage capacity of 16 GB which can be expanded up to 128 GB. 

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Trying Out The Galaxy Grand For A New Experience

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It is a well-known fact that, Samsung has brought out large numbers of smartphones in the market to impress the end users. These smartphones are aimed at different users with different features and price ranges. Samsung has even created different series and has come up with wide varieties of models in each series. One of them is Galaxy grand. Before the launch of this smartphone, there was a huge craze in the market. Well, the company has lived up to the expectations of millions of fans across the world. Many people are even buying the smartphone now. It is the phone for the sensational generation with its grand feel and appeal.

Mighty Screen Display:
Well, the company has given attention to the mighty screen not only in its Note series, but also in the series of Grand. You can expect to get better viewing experiences with the help of this smartphone because of its improved web contents and multimedia contents. You can stay connected with others anywhere you go. Moreover, you can even use multiple apps at the same time without the need to switch screens on reducing the overall operational speed and performance of the phone.

Launch Of Grand 2:
Though the series of Galaxy grand was launched in 2013, yet Samsung has not stopped back with the product. It has even brought out Gran 2 in the early half of 2014 with hosts of features. The best part about the phone is that it is pocket-friendly giving the opportunity to try out the same. It supports dual sim mode and users who have used the smartphone has expressed a great deal of satisfaction with the same. Therefore, if you want, you can also try out the smartphone considering its features and software up gradation. You will be more than satisfied. 

High Storage Capacity:
The phones in this series have one thing in common and that is high storage capacity. Apart from its grand look and feel, Samsung has also emphasized on increasing the storage capacity of the smartphone for a grand space. It is a great hit in the market and is suitable for both personal and professional purposes. Since the price is affordable, you can be assured that you will not have any difficulty in buying. If you want, you can also compare it with other bigger phones in the market, but in any case, you will find this to be the best.

Summary: There is no dearth of smartphones in the market with hosts of features and specifications. The name of Galaxy grand also deserves mention in this context because it is a great phone appealing to the end users.
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