Headstat for your little Computer Engineer

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Ever wonder to teach your 7 year old child coding?. Ever wonder that your child can make his own game?. Well now this can be possible through your ipad devices , there is an app called hopscotch in apple appstore . This is a great app for your young dudes i am sure that they will love it and learn from it too this app has a great demand in apple appstore this app easy to use and fun with cartoon characters . Android version is still under construction  so those parents who have ipad in their home they must have this app for their kids.

emad nehal
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Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

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A question in today's tech geek about rooting a android device, to root or not to root? Android is one of the most open and versatile mobile operating system.

Rooting means gaining root access to your device. by rooting you can modify the device's operating system and tweak plenty of settings. but its voids your warranty. Here some reasons rooting your device is worth the hassle.

Boost your Device Battery Life.

Speed up your phone and boost its battery life, install app SETCPU you can speed your overclock your device for better performance. you can set how much ram you want to use at a time to save battery.

Block Ads

After you root your device you must install app like Adfree,Adaway,Adblock to block ads in certain apps.

Installing Custom ROM's

Rooting a device allows you to install new ROM's to your device, making better tweak and better looking.

Infinite Features

Customizing your device for existing features, rooting helps you to set all kinds of advance features. example installing like Kali Net hunter or Backtrack for security. 

Better Backup

There are some apps out there that backup your device, but i suggest you to install app like Titanium Backup, its not only backup all of your apps, but also backup all the information stored in those apps.
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Facebook launched Standalone Facebook Group App

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facebook group app

Facebook has launched a dedicated app purely for their Groups app for iOS and Android that makes it easier to communicate with project teams, family and friends.

Facebook Group, could be a massive help to admins trying to keep their communities from devolving into chaos, and speed up the consumption experience for everyone.

With the new Facebook Groups application, you can easily organize your groups so that the most used ones appear at the top of the launch page. It is also very helpfull for admin who have multi groups to manage and its easier to jump into a group and communicate and then jump over to another group. Notifications for each group are managed within the Facebook Groups App.

You can download it now for free from the Play Store.

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Android HD Games Start Hitting Your Normal Tv Too

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Still dreaming to play hd games like asphalt 8 . modern combat , angry bird etc .... on your old flatron tvs well no this can be possible as the pc emulator developer named bluestacks starts rolling out its device gamepop  in the market.
this beast device has the ability to play any android games on high level graphics right on your television ,well now you some users  are thinking this will be only for lcd or led users well its not it capable of any television just by our normal cable (oem)
and one of the major  plus point this device is going to be release in india only in (5 to 9 k)

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Nokia has launched a new Android Tablet - Nokia N1

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In a rather surprising move, Nokia has launched a new Tablet running Android Lollipop, called the Nokia N1, it's has 7.9-inch screen size covered with Gorilla Glass 3 and it has 2048x1536 resolution. Nokia has also mentioned that it is fully laminated zero air-gap display.

Nokia N1 Tablet

The tablet has 64-bit intel Atom Processor Z3580, clocking at 2.3 GHz and RAM 2GB (LPDDR3). The N1 tablet has a 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapizel front-facing. both recording capability is 1080p.

Nokia N1 will be launched in China first in Q1 2015 for an estimated price of $249 and in other markets at a later date. the device will be out with two color options - Natural Aluminum or Lava Gray.

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Guess What? We're up to something, Says Nokia with picture of Black Box

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nokia black box

Nokia's official tweeted "Guess What? We're up to something, looks like nokia re-entry into the gadgets market does't look like it's going to be a phone, a photo of a device that looks like quite a big like an Apple TV, or some kind of streaming set-top box with Nokia logo on top that contains something else within. the company hints that it's "up to something" to coincide with Finland's Slush conference tomorrow. All will be revealed tomarrow in morning session at Slush.

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