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Samsung Galaxy Core: All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung Galaxy Core a mid-range phone by Samsung offers high-end smartphone experience to its users at economic price range. The phone offers 4.30 inch 480x800pixels display for better user interface. It is powered with 1.2 GHz processor along with 1 GBRAM, and hence offers better processing speed with quick internet connectivity along with smooth multitasking and better gaming experience. 

Samsung Galaxy Core at a glance

Camera: A click for a click
Samsung Galaxy core is powered with 5MP rear camera that offers decent picture quality which you can also modify with the effects option provided in the camera settings. 0.3MP front camera also offers decent picture quality and facilitates clear video calls. 

Operating System
Galaxy core is powered with Android 4.1 and offers every basic feature of the android ranging from free games to free song downloads; you will find myriad free application in the play store, which is a product of the google android system. 

Battery: A Wonderful Support System
1800mAh battery capacity is good enough to support the usage of the phone as long as possible in an efficient manner; however you can always save the battery by switching off the mobile data when not in use.

Great Storage Space
8 GB internal storage is something you will be really happy about. At such lower range phone 8 GB internal storage is a good deal. 

In addition to this, good design, great storage space, dual SIM, and 3G supports etc. are other additional factors to make Galaxy core a perfect treat for users especially the beginners. 

Why Samsung Phone
Samsung has become a popular brand in the recent past, consequently considered a tough nut to crack by many of its competitors. The company has launched numerous smart phones in its premier galaxy range and almost all of them are doing a great job till date. Starting from a teenager to an elderly person everyone is using a Samsung phone, as you can find Samsung devices in multiple price-ranges catering to every segment of the society. Unrivalled efforts of Samsung’s engineers have enabled the company to launch world-class mobile sets at competitive prices, year after year. Last but not the least, buying a phone from a top-notch company ensures advanced technology, durability, and above all value for money. Therefore, Samsung makes a good choice for you. 

If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Core at lower price then consider buying it from an ecommerce website. There are many ecommerce websites available and most of them offer multiple offers on diverse product range including mobile phones. However, ensure that the website you choose offers warranty card along with the devices. If you are already using a Galaxy Core then please feel free to share your experience with Samsung Galaxy Core in the comment box below. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 - The Big Daddy of All Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

Gone are the days when telephone was only as medium to make communication. With the advent of professional mobile phones or smart phones, telephone plays an important role in businesses as well. The world started changing fast from the time that we shifted into the gear of modern business with the world moving fast. We came out with telephones that we could carry around in the house and they were called cordless telephones. Today is the generation of high end mobile phone and tablets. Without any doubt, smartphones have changed our life big time. Samsung, with its line of high end devices has changed the way in which we communicate to each other. Ever since the launch of Galaxy series, we have witnessed exceptional technological advancements. The upcoming Galaxy S6 is rumored to be the most powerful mobile phone made in the history. Samsung has been known for breakthroughs in the technology arena and with the Galaxy S6, it has once again it will prove it to all of us. Expect a completely new design and features in the upcoming Galaxy flagship device. Do not be surprised if Samsung moves ahead with curved screen like LG. There have been rumors that Samsung will incorporate a completely new design in its upcoming flagship device. So we can expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a full metal or polycarbonate body.

Expect a beautiful design with captivating features in upcoming Galaxy S-6 

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 deals not only present you with a beautiful handset but it also stands upright in presenting you with a quality gadget. Besides, savoring its beauty, you can also fully enjoy its remarkable features when you get a chance to hold it in your hands next year. One of its highly favored features will include cinema like experience from a mobile device since it will come with a display of 4K resolution which will be first for any Smartphone in the world. The flagship Galaxy S6 is expected to weighs around 100 to 120 grams making it one of the lightest Smartphone in the world. Technology journalists from all over the world expect the new and upcoming Galaxy flagship to be compatible with 5G networks. Samsung has also started talking with telecom service providers in USA and UK to offer lucrative deals and contracts with its upcoming flagship device to boost the sales.   3 mobile, AT&T and Vodafone are expected to come up with wide range of line rental and contract plans for Galaxy S6. We can expect unlimited calling and texting with most contract plans however there will be few plans which will offer the upcoming flagship device from Samsung free of cost to the customers. We can surely expect long queues outside the stores when the Galaxy S6 is launched early next year. One can only imagine the features it will host. Since Samsung is facing a stiff competition from companies like Sony and LG, we can expect the device to be priced in the range of $800 to $850.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: QHD Display Expected but with Note 3 Screen Size

Galaxy Note 4 v/s Galaxy Note 3: What the Rumours Reveal Right Now? 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is likely to be announced in the IFA Berlin event this year in September is rumoured to feature 5.7 inches display which is quite similar to Note 3 but will have QHD resolution. In Zauba database, a device has been spotted which reporters associated with Galaxy Note 4. Furthermore, it is rumoured that the model SM-N910A is being reported in the India-based import-export database which is expected to be Note 4 for AT&T carrier. This device has been brought to India for various development as well as research purposes. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: QHD Display Expected but with Note 3 Screen Size. 

Every time, Samsung tries to increase the display size of it new flagship Note device by .2 inches but this time according to the reports and rumours it seems that the company is working hard on improving the images this time. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have resolution of 2560x1440 pixels along with pixel density of 515ppi. in comparison with its predecessor, Galaxy Note 3 featured 1080x1920 pixels resolution along with pixel density of 386ppi. This particularly means that this time the pictures as well as the videos will be more sharp and crisp. By coming closer to this fall, it is really tough decision for the users to choose between Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4. Shall we head turn over to Galaxy Note 4 v/s Galaxy Note 3: What the Rumors Reveal Right Now? 

Samsung rolls out varied new designs every year for Galaxy S as well as Galaxy Note models as they expect their flagship devices dominate the whole mobile market. The rumours about the design of Note 4 are not much of any surprise as it will also come over with some superb solid upgrades. The continuous rumours even hinted about the new design which Samsung recently reported that it will be unveiled with a “new form factor.” The rumours do point towards two variants of its display screen which is really a massive change. 

Furthermore, it is expected that this upcoming flagship device will have IP67 certification which was previously found in Samsung Galaxy S5. This will simply make the design of the device dust as well as water resistant. Galaxy Note S3 does not offer these features to its users. Galaxy Note 3 lacks in fingerprint sensor feature which is rumoured to be in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Another feature which delivers added experience along with a full layer of security is added to the new device. 

Some rumours points that Samsung will not be changing the display size but other continue to point that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature 5.7 inches display. This time Samsung wants to delivers its best looking display. The curved display models of Note 4 will not feature into the mass market while the mass produced version featuring crisp looking content will be delivered along with QHD resolution. 

The major differences between Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3 are expected to be in its design, display and camera. Do you think that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will compete with other models of Note series or with Galaxy S5 or S6? The release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is really important for all the prospective buyers because some are eagerly waiting for its arrival while others are waiting for Note 3 price drops. 

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