Mobile Advertising Platforms – A Great Way to Increase Mobile App Engagement

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With the increasing trend of smartphones, the trend of using mobile apps is also increasing tremendously. But, for a startup it is always crucial to target the right audience and get the desired number of app downloads in a timeframe. But, what if you get a business partner that will dedicatedly work for increasing your mobile app engagement? Yes, you can definitely avail the services of such a platform for increasing the mobile app engagement.
Not only it can find the right type of audience for your app, but it also helps in making a desired amount of app downloads. These platforms let the users download mobile apps, by offering them some interesting rewards in return such as free top-ups, prepaid mobile or DTH recharge etc. Let’s introduce you with some more of their features. It is also important to mention that you can easily find information about these platforms on the internet. Some of them are really good and exclusively work for India.

How An App install Ad Platform Works
•    Setting the Target Parameter
It first sets a target parameter for campaigns, such as for its location, audience, demographic data and number of downloads.
•    Help Discover Your App
By running a campaign for your mobile app on its own platform, it let users to discover the mobile app.
•    Let You Manage Campaign
It lets you fully control or manage the campaign; you can anytime pause or resume the campaign. It also helps you manage them for a number of apps. What time is appropriate and how much expense you need to make in promoting an app, it will tell you everything.
•    Keeps You Updated About the App Performance
Its reports will help you stay updated about the performance of your app. This can also help in planning and promoting campaign in the future.
Some of the features of the most advanced ad platforms are given below just take a look at them:
Features of an Advanced Ad Platform
1.    These platforms work very fast, you can get your target downloads in a matter of days.
2.    Its advance targeting feature defines exactly the right audience you want to reach.
3.    It provides trusted services in full compliance with google play or other platforms.
4.    A good platform is highly flexible and lets you manage the campaign as per your strategy.
So, if you want to introduce any mobile app in the market, choose the right marketing strategy by opting services of these platforms to increase mobile app engagement. Don’t waste your money on expensive TV or radio advertisements, because they may not be able to give you the desired results.
An App install Ad Platform is a great way increase mobile app engagement. Choose the right audience and get the targeted number of downloads done in a definite timeframe. These platforms work for the benefit of both customers and businesses, by giving some special benefits to customers and profits for businesses.

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Commonly Used TLD’s or Domain Extensions and Their Uses

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Web entrepreneurs who are planning to create a website for their respective businesses are perhaps among most interested people on the topic of domain extensions. Since, every website has an extension and there are different types of it available, some questions and a significant lot of confusion in the minds of web entrepreneurs is bound to arise in this respect.
Nearly everyone today is familiar with the concept of dot com domain. There is a perception among website owners that .com is the most feasible and popular domain extension which is the reason why almost everyone races to get this domain attached with their website and become instantly visible among the audience. 

To some extent, this insight is true; however, notable here is the fact that there are several other domain extensions present in the market that have their own importance and are ideally suited for certain kinds of websites. If you are having a hard time finding a dot com domain extension, perhaps you may want to look at the section below to know that there are other options available that can be as effective as a .com extension.
Some Common Top Level Domains and Their Use

1.    Dot Com
We all know about .com domain extensions. It is one of the most popular and undoubtedly the most searched domain extension. The estimate of its popularity can be measured by the fact that almost every internet browser thinks that every website ends with a dot com extension. However, the demand for this extension is equally raging and people compete with their counterparts to get their website stamped with a dot com extension.
2.    Dot Net
Dot net is very often used for network websites. However, in the recent times this extension is incorrectly used and some non-network websites too have started carrying this domain extension.
3.    Dot Org
Meant to use with websites that represent an organization, .org is another popular and commonly used domain extension. Originally this extension was to be used for non-profit organizations, but over time its usage varied rather drastically.
4.    Dot In
Known as the internet country code for India, .in domain extension is used to represent websites that are country specific. For instance, if a websites wants to start its business in India and particularly only in India and want to convey that to its customers, .in domain is used with the website.
Above mentioned are some common domain name extensions that are widely and commonly used. It is hoped that a lot of air is cleared on the topic and now you have a better understanding of domains. If you have any confusion or query in this regard, feel free to input your comments in the section below.
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Comparative analysis for Galaxy S6 vs S6 Active

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When you are deciding to shop for the most efficient and latest handset of the galaxy series, then it is very important that you pay additional attention towards research about the product. Spending that much of money requires that everything is ensured and there is no room for any error at any point of time. When a company launches its recent model, it also launches certain nearby models and variants of the same. For example, with S6, the active handset is also launched. This also gets you thinking that what the difference between these two is. The best way to kill this level of confusion is to go ahead and conduct a Galaxy S6 vs S6 Active analysis. This comparative analysis gives you clear information about both the devices.

Having the comparative results in place also help you to think wisely and choose the device, which satisfies all your user requirements without bothering about anything at all. Hence, a smart comparative analysis should be conducting by using authentic source. The good thing is that online platform is here to help you search for all required information. Just make sure that you either check the official website of the handset or look for recognized and credible online gadget review platforms.

5.1 inches of high resolution, Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified) as well as Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified) are some of the ground breaking key features, which you can expect from S6. However, the tail just does not end here, you rather need to act smart and look at additional powerful features. The device runs on a groundbreaking processer and has 3GB of RAM. This means that the device is powerful enough to deal with all your multitasking burden and you can simply feel like a winner every time you use this device. 

On the other hand, galaxy s6 active is renowned for standing the dust and water. Hence, you can use it in most sturdy manner. The device has non-removable battery and 16MP of camera. Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 of central processing unit makes it a powerful choice. You would never be disappointed with the 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. Galaxy S6 vs S6 Active analysis certainly helps you to get through the most efficient product for your needs and you can choose to invest in the same.

Having detailed knowledge about what you are going to buy always helps you to get ahead and make a smart move. You can simply be rigid for your choice as long as you know that you are correct. Spending a huge amount of money for buying a smartphone is of any use as long as you are able to make sure that you have made the right decision. And, the best decisions are often the ones, which come from good research. Having internet as your savior in the research process helps you to have grand benefits in every manner.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The new approach

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Within in no time, Samsung would launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the world and people are already waiting for this beast to come. The reason behind its pre launch success is the brand Galaxy Note that Samsung has created and the expectations of Samsung’s fans.

Samsung design has taken a major leap in the Samsung Galaxy S6, but one thing has surprised us even more than the improved design: the screen. The improvement has been achieved in the Samsung Super AMOLED technology in this Galaxy S6 is impressive, and many of the problems we once had with this type of display has disappeared. We cannot say that was a bad Super AMOLED technology, but certainly there were many problems I had. So, the problems of display that you have with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be overcome with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch.

As mentioned, the display of Samsung Galaxy S6 is extraordinary, surpassing the 600 nits maximum brightness in actual measurements. The only problem here is the difference between the maximum brightness at much lower in the first manual and automatic mode. Chances are that Samsung do this to avoid too high battery consumption, and to keep the screen fixed to 600 nits result in a very fast battery drain. Still, the maximum brightness in manual mode still find us too low, they should have allowed a higher level. Yet this is not a big problem, just has to stay in automatic mode and trusted to work properly. Hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display won’t say such characteristics out of the box. It is in color where more changes we have seen in the Super AMOLED screen. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a much more neutral screen, and although there is still a trend to green as the dominant color, super screen calibration has been carried out shows. The same note is with the color saturation, vivid and real, without an apparent sin of excess.

Of course not everything can be perfect, and while in brightness and color have a great result, viewing angles are still problems in the Super AMOLED screens. This results in a color change when we change the viewing angle, and this is especially noticeable in the Edge model today analyze as to have a curved screen viewing angle changes a lot in these areas. What we noticed is a change in the colors in the corners. Not too annoying, but it's there, and it is the step that Samsung is left to take to convert the perfect Super AMOLED screens, or at least closer to it. It is also important to note that the S6 jumps in resolution up to 1440p, which makes you lose some performance relative to a 1080p smartphone. In practice this is not practically significant, but occurs. And this year Samsung is going to keep the resolution of Note 5 similar to the Note 4, hence we don’t expect degradation in the performance level.

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Accounting Website Design – Everything You Need to Know About

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Creating a website for your accounts business is a lot different than building conventional websites. You need to make sure your portal is unique, informative and intuitive at the same time, so that you are able to garner maximum customer attention and your business becomes visible to a great effect among prospective audiences. 
Accountants often complain that their respective websites are not delivering expected results and there are close to zero returns on investments even after investing significantly in the website. The following section aims at instilling an understanding on everything you want to know about accounting website design. Take a look below.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Prior to Building a Website

  1. What is Your Target Audience?

C:\Users\Sunder Singh\Desktop\target-audience.jpg
In order to harvest maximum productivity out of your website, it is important to know who your prospective customers are. Create a website that targets the audience that is most relevant to your services. Include categories of people who might be interested in using your services, so as to cover as much ground as possible.

  1. What Do You Have on Offer?

C:\Users\Sunder Singh\Desktop\godfather-offer.png
Create a wireframe of all the services your business offers to customers and incorporate them in a lucid manner on your website. See to it that everything is bold and clear, since you don’t want to miss out on customers simply because your services weren’t clear enough to them.
  1. In What Way You Are Better?

C:\Users\Sunder Singh\Desktop\who-has-the-answer-800-clr.png
Your customers will need a valid reason on why they should choose you over other market competitors. You need to appear distinctive before your customers and compel them to use your services by offering them an easy to navigate portal.
What are Do’s of Creating an Accounting Website Design
  1. Refrain From Using Conventional Terms

C:\Users\Sunder Singh\Desktop\Problem-solving.jpg
Instead of using boring and monotonous phrases, try to spice things a bit and incorporate some unconventional phrases your accounting website design that will instantly catch the eye of customers. For instance, you may use ‘’problems we solve’’ rather than using ‘’services’’ so that your customers know you have a fresh approach.
  1. Address Your Customers Personally

C:\Users\Sunder Singh\Desktop\736119c00a0a006501bb03ee4f74df2c.JPG

There isn’t single soul on earth that doesn’t crave for personal attention. Customers too get instantly attracted if you directly interact with them instead of posing as a third person. Customers feel connected once you address them personally.
This is all you need to know to get started on creating an accounting website design. If you have some questions, doubts, queries or simply anything in this context, feel free to leave your feedback and comments in the section below.
Author Bio
Maria L Baker is a writer associated with Web Start Today, Inc. She writes for many online publications mostly related to internet technologies. Her objective is to help its reader’s use a free online website builder while obtaining an in-depth understanding of various aspects of any such tools. She likes to enlist certain tips and suggestions to starting the small business.

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Fascinating performance of upcoming LG G5 mobile

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The LG is continued to impress the people by their upcoming release of LG G5. In the previous year, the LG G4 is set to revolutionize by their stunning features and performance forever. However, most of the people are used the pervious concept of G4 and give positive comments over that. Likewise, this upcoming mobile is expected to rock with their unique features and specifications as same concept of G4. The new arrival of Smartphone is eagerly waiting to access according to the users reviews about the mobile. With amazing apps and settings, it is going to rock in the upcoming months forever. According to the rumors, the features, specifications, release dates are given by many reasons.

Protection in screen resolution

With the few months, the LG G5 is going to release in the market place for having stunning performance regarding the apps and settings. With a larger touch city options, you can access with larger resolutions without any ease. LG G5 is going to expect in 6.1 inch display to cover the larger resolution and access with ease. But, LG G4 has a 6 inch size display to have larger screen resolution forever. Also, it may have Gorilla glass for protecting the screen form any hazards. Hence, the impressive camera options will make 20 MP in back and 5 MP in rear. So, you can take pictures with larger screen resolution.  So, it will come under the robust camera to take selfies, and videos without any ease. To get an idea of the best offers on it go to

Internal specifications

Obviously, the LG G5 will expect to have 5GB RAM for storing large number of files and documents with ease. However, the internal storage has 16 GB memory space for using. So, you can store varied files in single place and ensure to buy using Ebay India coupons to be smart over your purchases. With the efficient chipset, it can perform faster and smoother to access with simple manner. In case of G5, the processor is expecting to have 64 bit snapdragon 810 chipset to work faster than the previous model. So, it makes you to acquire the best performance RAM for this upcoming mobile. When comes to operating system, the G5 would have Android 5.0.1 Lollipop version to use it. Moreover, it is the focal point of the rumors about the features of G5 Smartphone.  Likewise, the LG G5 battery may be consists of 4000mAh to stand out at longer time. Hence, the previous G4 has only 3500mAh power in battery side. So, it would be the major expectation regarding the battery life of the G5.

Other features

The color of the LG G5 is set to release in white, black, blue, gold, copper and pink. Therefore, you need to choose the best among your favorite color. Also, the mina expectations about the LG G5 are specified with retina eye scanner and wireless charging technology. According to the sensors, it may install with Barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, and thermometer. Hence, the video can be supported up to 1080rps to watch it in larger resolution screen. So, wait and see about the LG G5 upcoming Smartphone to access with unique features and specifications.

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