An Eye On Some Of The Best Tablets In 2015

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A tablet is a mini mobile computer with touch screen display. Tablets are so much in trend now days. Tablets have become the priority preference among hi-tech users. Tablets equipped with sensor, camera and accelerometer with large high resolution display. Most of the leading mobile brands have launched their best tablets phones  in 2015 including companies like Apple, Dell, HTC, Samsung and others. Every brand launches their tablets with enhanced specification and unique features. Tablets make the personal computers handy and sleek. The design is the ultimate attraction of the tablets. For the user it is more compact and sleek which makes it handy for usage. Tablets may have physical buttons for basic features like speaker volume and power.

Some of the leading and best tablets in 2015 with full features and specifications are as follows-

•    Apple ipad Air2: The Apple ipad Air2 is the finest refinement of last year model. With enhancement of much faster A8X processor and the addition of touch id feature. The new iPad Air improved front and rear camera and with thin and light weight design. Features like anti reflective screen, touch id finger print sensor and high in built storage makes it one of the best tablets in market.

•    Google nexus9: Google nexus9 is one of the best high end android tablets with speedy and consistent performance. It is the first tablet which runs on Android lollipop 5.0 os which frequently gets updated time to time.  A high performance tablet with multi tasking feature. Supporting qHD display and powered by NVIDIA Tegra graphic.

•    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has the much brighter and sharp display with enhance overload specification which makes it impressive. Excellent design with curve edges makes it sleek. Great performance of battery for high resolution gaming and videos.

•    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5: Samsung launched their latest addition to its tablet line, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S with amazing design and features. Samsung Galaxy Tab S comes with the QHD AMOLED display and powerful Exynos 5-octa core processor.

•    Dell venue 8700: Dell has launched their impressive thin and light weight Dell venue 8700. The device is loaded with extraordinary innovative features like intel real sense depth sensing 3D camera.
These are the best tablets in 2015 you can surely go for it according to your choice and preferences.
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4 Reasons to Have Point of Sale System in Place at Your Outlet

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The retail world is growing with every passing year and with that the competition level is also skyrocketing. This has prompted the retail chains to ensure minimum errors in handling work. However, human errors are hard to avoid.
In order to combat the situation, various organizations have started to implement point of sale system (POS) in their outlets. The software system is specifically designed to minimize the errors caused during sale. Not only does it help in keeping track of the inventory, but it also helps in generating invoice swiftly. If you also have a retail outlet, then it is recommended that you implement Point of Sale in the outlets. The article explains five reasons why you must do that.

Minimizes Pricing Errors
A major challenge for the sales employees in the outlet is to calculate the total bill of their customer. In fact, many restaurants are still dependent on calculators to bill their customers. It has been observed that the person doing the calculation sometimes misses an item from the list or feeds wrong amount that can cost the business dears. An effective POS prevents any such hiccups and effectively calculates the bill.

Speedy Service
In this fast-paced world, slow workers have no place to hide, but they need not worry because POS comes to their aid. The system helps in faster management of customers during the checkout. With barcode system in place, the system can easily pick price that is recorded in the database and even calculates the discounted amount, if any, instantly. Thereby, speeding up the servicing

Integrated Credit Cards
Accepting credit cards is a must for running a successful restaurant or retail outlet, as most people step out of their home sans cash. They prefer carrying plastic money to shopping and dining for payment, as it prevents them from carrying too much cash. If you don’t have a system in place for accepting cards, you will surely lose out on customers. POS has integrated system that accepts cards for payment; hence, making it possible to entertain more customers easily.

Inventory Management
Managing inventory where number of products run up in hundreds is humanly tiring. Moreover, the staff is required to tally the inventory at the end of the day to ensure that the post-sale quantity is balanced. The point of sale system makes it easy for the staff, as it calculates the inventory in real time. Henceforth, making it possible to know the exact status of the article during the sale and alert the customer if an article of their choice is out of stock instantly.
Finally, as per the above mentioned benefits, point of sale system is a big boon to the industry and every business must try to implement it.
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Take your purchasing decision from this excellent Samsung Galaxy A3 review

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With their latest A series of Smartphone though, Samsung took things in terms of build quality to another level, with the two otherwise mid-range devices boasting premium metal unibody designs. For the past five years Samsung has produces some of the innovative mobile phones in the market. They have come up with high tech Smartphones that are now a benchmark for many mobile manufacturers. In October, 2014 they introduced a new member to its Smartphone family, Samsung galaxy A3. Here is the Samsung Galaxy A3 review in display, design, camera and software. 

1.    The Samsung Galaxy A3 is the junior member of the company's new metal-clad lineup.
2.    It comes in single and dual-SIM flavors, which is a popular combo in the midrange - but does well to offer cat. 4 LTE on both.
3.    The phone has come up with LTE network making it a 4G Smartphone.
4.    It comes with a 4.5 inches of Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels (~245 ppi pixel density). The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This makes it highly resistive from scratch.
5.     The phone comes with Nano-SIM functionality. This is very beneficial for those working class who carry more than one mobile phones with them. It eliminates juggling of phones.
6.    It comes with latest Android Kit-Kat operating system with a Quad Core processor of 1.2GHz cortex A53 processor. This makes it strong to run multi applications at the same time and play games with full zeal and enthusiasm.
7.    It has got an internal memory of 16 GB and an external upto 64GB. This combination of both internal and external memory you will find in many high tech Smartphone.
8.    It has got powerful 1/1.5GB RAM which is sufficient to play games and switch over multi applications, enjoy its experience.
9.    The phone has 8 MP rear camera, 3264 x 2448 pixels with autofocus and LED flash that provides high quality natural images. Samsung focuses on the camera quality in manufacturing the Smartphone. It has 5MP front camera to take selfies.
10.    The phone comes with a Non-removable Li-Ion 1900 mAh battery that helps you to enjoy for not long hours but for a day. i.e Talk time    Up to 12 hrs (3G) and Music play Up to 60 hrs

Overall Samsung Galaxy A3 review tells about the display resolution is short. However, the Super AMOLED display should make up for the relatively low reliability with great contrast and punchy colors. The phone isn’t available in the US from any network operator, but can be picked up from Amazon. The phone is priced at Rs. 20,500, which slots them right in the middle of a crowded segment. The high-resolution front cameras and stylish metal bodies will definitely help them attract buyers' attentions. This is all of Samsung Galaxy A3 review that will surely help you in taking the right decision while purchasing the phone.
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Experience the power of these best mobile phones in India of 2014

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Some of the best mobile phones in India of 2014 are as follows-

1.    Apple iPhone 6- Apple has taken a step forward to revolutionize the Smartphone market. The size is really bigger as compared to its predecessor. They provided the screen space that over the year’s people had demand. It might not have come with the highest resolution all around, but had got great quality display. In design it’s a sleek phone with high quality finish that makes a strong grip with your hand. It comes with an iOS8 processor, which is the best that apple has made up till now. It may be not the best mobile in India 2014 but is a great device with an efficient and effective iOS 8.

2.      HTC one (M8) - It is better than HTC One.  It is the premium device at the top of the Android stack. It's slick and fast refinement of the new Sense 6.0 user interface adds plenty to Android 4.4 KitKat. With a metallic body it offers a great feel in the hand. It offers a 5 inch full HD display with some of the great visuals. It comes with a 2800 mAh battery which offers an all day life to the phone. It has got a extreme power saver mode to make it last longer.   It comes with a duo camera that offers clever features. Overall it is a good phone to experience in terms of design, performance and battery life.

3.    Samsung Galaxy Note 4- It is a sensational phone. Samsung manages to differentiate itself from the pack by filling the Note 4 with features that really make use of the screen space and the hardware. Whether to use the stylus or not, it has got some of the mind blowing features that will blow your mind. It offers a fantastic display, plenty of power and endurance packed into a frame that's been sympathetically designed for the ease of users.

4.    Sony Xperia Z3
- The size in the hand feels comfortable. It comes with a 5.2-inch display that sits in front of powerful hardware that's speed in execution of all your tasks. It runs on the Android platform and avoids worst of duplication. Sony is known for its camera hence no doubt about what they feature in camera. The rear offering great quality, plenty of options and some lovely results. This is the best of Sony's handsets, the flagship device where Sony's perseverance has been paid off. It may not be the best mobile in India 2014 but it is not the worst too.

5.    Motorola Moto X- Motorola was reborn in 2014. Giving its customers what they demand at the price range which was just unbelievable. Moto X offers a 5.2 inch display with a leather back that makes it fancy and stylish. It’s one of the strength is the unfettered Android. It gives you a good battery performance and a price that undercuts most rivals.
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Samsung Galaxy Star Advance Offers You With Compact Features

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Are you looking for the best phone, which can land in between 6k to 7k and are loaded with long lasting features? If the answer is yes, you have come in terms with the best phone, under star advanced. Defined as the most cost effective phone from Samsung manufacturing department, this phone is now creating rage between those, who are not that economically stable. The prices of these phones are quite lower, and you can enjoy the best platform from Android base. Thus, now enjoy the smartness of Samsung smartphone and flaunt your new phone with style. The stylish background is sure to win over millions of hearts.

Check on the screen size
When the main area relates with galaxy star advanced, you are mainly going forward with the large screen object. Moreover, this phone comprises of 1800 mAh battery life, which can increase the value of this phone. Now, listen to music or play games for longer uninterrupted hours, as this battery will offer you with the best result, so far. On the other hand, you can enjoy the right A7, along with 1.2GHz. This phone comprises of 10.92cm or 4.3 inches screen, so that you can enjoy the best entertainment services.

Fun-filled platform for your use
Apart from 4.3inches screen size, you can enjoy leather back design. This will make your samsung galaxy star advance, not only beautiful, but with a stylish look.
•    In case, you are looking for the right performance level, make sure to get in touch with this phone, first.
•    In order to offer you with the updated Android version, you are likely to avail Android KitKat 4.4.2 option. This will make the internet browsing a piece of cake.
•    For the betterment of clients, this phone comprises of updated TouchWiz essence UX.
•    Lastly, this product can offer you with 14 regional languages, along with one touch Multi-tasking option.

Under the camera

This samsung galaxy star advance comprises of one primary camera, with good picture quality. Once you start browsing for your research, you will not be able to live life without this magnificent electronic gadget.
•    This phone comprises of 3MP camera, which can help you to take the right picture, even in motion.
•    On the other hand, with the help of powerful LED flash, you have the liberty to get hold of the best picture, even in the dark night or when you have less light.
•    Now, with the help of this phone, you can enjoy advanced camera modes. Therefore, now choose the background of your choice and take a picture, accordingly.

Understand the technical features
From the points, already mentioned, it can be well stated, that Samsung Star advance is one of the best life-saving options for a cost effective mean. The most prominent part is that this product can offer you with USB 2.0 version, along with an ear jack of 3.5mm stereo. It has direct Wi-Fi connectivity, along with v4.0 Bluetooth version. Whatever you need in a compact smartphone, this product has it all, under one model. You just need to grab the best color, as this is available in black or white.
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A comparing view on Shared hosting and VPS hosting

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Performance of your website is very important in enhancing your business prospects and hence it is important that you get an effective web-hosting plan when you start a website.  There are various types of hosting types for your help. Shared and VPS hosting are one of the most popular ones. This article focuses on a comparative study of shared and VPS hosting.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an apt hosting plan for startup ventures as it combines the benefit of reliable performance with affordable pricing. Multiple websites are posted on a single server space and resources are shared among them. It is good for websites who are not expecting heavy traffic on their website. Storage space and bandwidth is shared among the websites hosted,
Heavy traffic on one website hosted on shared platform can adversely affect the performance of other websites hosted on the server. This happens because the resources are shared; they are engaged in providing for the requirement of the website with traffic. Due to this, performance of other website deteriorates causing loss of business.


Advantages of shared hosting

This type of hosting comes with numerous benefits and provides for satisfactory performance of a large number of websites.
-        Get started with your website without huge expenditure
-        Reliable website performance with low monthly charge
-        You can concentrate your finances on other business requirements
-        Active technical assistance in case of any issues with website performance
-        You can scale up your storage space according to your requirement



Sharing of resources is the main disadvantage of this type of hosting and this is the reason why enterprises with significant traffic do not opt for this hosting. Other disadvantages are:
-        Traffic on one website has an adverse effect on the performance of other sites hosted on the server.
-        Insufficient support for various software that you need for your website
-        Security risk as the websites are hosted on single server space
-        You need to configure your own firewall for efficient performance
-        Website gives ill performance due to bandwidth issues


VPS hosting

This type of hosting is good for enterprise that requires special software on their website and is not able to do so in shared environment. Virtual servers are created on a single server in such a way that they act as separate entity. One website is hosted on one virtual server and every website has its own set of resources. No resource is shared between two websites so that the performance of one website is independent of the traffic of the other site.


Advantages of VPS hosting

Numerous advantages make VPS hosting an advantageous option for website hosting. It gives reliable website performance and helps entrepreneurs to install the software they require for enhancing customer experience on their website.
-        The performance of your website is independent of the traffic on other sites
-        You can install numerous software as per your requirement
-        Scale up your service package as per business need
-        Expert technical assistance for any issue
-        High website uptime for better customer experience



This type of website hosting plan requires a dedicated system administrator to take care of your independent server space.
-        The cost of this service is a bit more when compared to shared hosting plan
-        Certain software applications have performance issues with virtual environment
-        Cost of server maintenance is added to your hosting cost.
You can get in touch with a reliable provider for the best hosting plan that suits your enterprise requirement.



Web hosting is a crucial resource for every online enterprise and hence you need to gain knowledge about the available options so that you take a wise decision.
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