Linux Hosting – Bringing Hordes of Benefits for Your Website

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The decision of choosing a hosting server for a website always tends to be taxing. For an online entrepreneur whose website has recently outgrown and is in dire need of a supplement, hosting is indeed an unchartered territory. Experts suggest that Linux hosting is, without a doubt, the best way to boost the functionality of a website. However, most people become skeptical whenever it comes to choosing a Linux server for a website. Amidst the prevalent of several other hosting servers including Windows hosting server, decision-making here becomes downright daunting. 

The following section cites several benefits of a Linux server for hosting that you might want to take a look so as to make your decision quickly without too much thinking over. Take a look.

Benefits of a Linux Server for Hosting

1.    Supremely Secure
One thing that makes Linux servers surpass all other hosting servers is its unmatched capability of securing the website. Security is the prime concern for all websites, thereby, it is important to make sure the server specifications are strong enough to prevent any breach or a malware attack that is potent enough of compromising the security of the website. Linux servers are designed with industry standard security protocols and standards and come with top-notch security plans that easily make it the best hosting server for your website.

2.    High Performance, Guaranteed
Linux displays a better integration with hardware and software tools of the software that allows it to deliver high performance and ensure maximum uptime for the website. Linux servers come equipped with several hardware tools that can be configured and used as a backup in cases of emergencies. In comparison to any other hosting servers, the performance of Linux servers is, without a doubt, unrivaled
3.    Easy Administration
A Linux hosting server comes with a streamlined navigational and user-interface panel that makes it easier for the user to tread through its operation pathways. The control and management is simply unmatched in a Linux server which makes it an undisputed champion in the hosting domain. Linux servers also come with remote operation capabilities that allows the user to operate the server from a distance thus saving valuable time and costs. Furthermore, Linux servers don’t require the user to install additional software and hardware tools, saving few more bucks.

4.    Better Customization
Linux servers in the marketplace are better known for their modular properties. Being highly flexible, Linux servers can be easily customized and can be modified as per the specifications and preferences of -up the user. The servers can be easily configured and set-up depending on the specifications of the user. The integration level of a Linux hosting server is unmatched, thus making it one of the best available hosting servers currently available in the market.

5.    Budget-Friendly
Unlike windows hosting plan, Linux servers are highly cost-friendly and provide the user an opportunity to save some huge bucks on hosting costs. Linux integrates with the existing model and offers server upgrade functionalities without incurring substantial costs. Furthermore, additional suites and enhancements in a Linux server are available at a nominal charge that is yet another striking benefit of going for a Linux hosting server.
Above mentioned benefits are certainly enough to instigate you towards going for a Linux hosting server as your preferred choice for supplementing your website. Therefore, it is advised to go through them before you make any decision on the selection of a hosting server. If you have any queries or doubts in this regard, feel free to input them in the comment section below.
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Travel Software System – Why You Should Go For It?

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No matter what field of service it is, people simply don’t have that much patience and can’t endure any kind of delay in service delivery. Travel industry for instance is an area where quick service delivery is of utmost importance. The competition is this industry is getting graver by the day that compels travel business owners to look for ways to get an upper-hand and gain an edge over their competitors. 

Travel software in this regard is extremely crucial for any travel business owner who is looking forward to expand the travel business to new lengths, and inviting a substantial amount of business prospects. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that travel software brings in for your business. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of a Travel Software – Explained

1.    User- Convenient
Managing log-books and records pertaining to transactions of your travel business can be highly consuming in terms of money, time and energy. A travel reservation system allows you to digitize everything and provides you with automated travel solutions. This saves you a whole lot of time, money and energy that can be utilized towards other facets of business development.
2.    Better Customer Coverage and Reach
Since, majority of people for online medium to book tickets, reservations and plan trips, conventional travel systems may not provide you with a better coverage in today’s times. Automated travel reservation systems on the other hand help you to reach out to a wider customer base and maintain your visibility among a huge number of prospective clients. 
3.    Cost-Effective
Aforementioned the fact that manual record-keeping of transactions pertinent to your travel business can be financially burdening; automated travel solutions provide you an opportunity to save some costs in management of your travel business.
4.    Improving Client Relations
Happy client is a beneficial client. Automated travel solutions completely justify this notion and allow you to serve your clients in a better manner that automatically dictates into creating a nice reputation for your travel business. This invites more clients further to your business that enhances your overall business productivity.
Travel software is indeed among the most integral part of a modern travel business. It not only enhances the overall productivity of a business but also unloads a whole lot of hassle from the minds of a travel business owner. Therefore, if you own a travel business, it is advised that you go through above mentioned benefits of travel software to find whether you need it or not. 
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Complete guide on Samsung Galaxy S6 versus iPhone6

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Samsung has once again launched their flagship phone from the galaxy series Galaxy S6. This invention has proved to pose a threat to the premium Smartphone in the market which includes Apple's iPhone 6 as well. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S6 is packed with powerful features that can shake the place of the best Smartphone that is Apple iPhone 6. Some of the points where Samsung Galaxy S6 will get competitive edge in the dual of Samsung Galaxy S Six versus iPhone Six will be discussed in the following section.

Some important points
Design- Samsung's latest has a sexy look with the metal and the gorilla glass. The quality of metals used is better than the galaxy S6. The gorilla glass 4 protection which is used in the S6 is sturdier than the iPhone 6's Gorilla Glass 3. For all the color lovers, Samsung S6 comes in various colors but iPhone 6 does not have much option open. You can get the white one or the classy black one.
Processor- The incredible looks of galaxy S6 alone is not the reason you should buy it. It has got better processing capabilities in comparison to its competitor.  The 3GB LPDDR4 RAM sticks in galaxy helps in handling your phone with double speed. It also provides double bandwidth and consumes lesser voltage by 10%. iPhone 6 features LPDDR3 RAM chipsets which slows it down in front of the Samsung's new addition.
Camera- Galaxy S6 has 16 MP of rear camera with 5 MP front cameras. When compared to iPhone 6's camera, Galaxy S6 wins the round clearly. The low light photography with Galaxy S6 is much superior to that of the apple's latest model. Since now a day, good photos in the dark is a absolute necessity to capture the party moments, Samsung S6 will be loved by the clickers in all moments. iPhone 6 manages great photos in sufficient light with the OSI camera and the dual LED flash.
Charging- The low battery will become a myth with the wireless charging and the fast charging features in the Samsung galaxy S6. WPC and PMA certified wireless charging technology is used by Samsung to make its S6 the best Smartphone it has launched till date. The fast charging ability will help you in use your phone for up to 4 hours after charging it only after 10 minutes. This is a great advantage for Samsung in comparison to Apple's Smartphone. iPhone 6 neither supports the wireless charging nor provides the fast charging feature. It takes 2-3 hours to charge the phone.

Customer Service Centers – Number of customer service centers for Samsung are greater than that of Apple’s. People are able to find a Samsung service center very easily near their houses or offices. On the other hand Apple has their service centers in some prime locations of the city only.
Summary- While comparing the two great Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Six versus iPhone Six, the newly launched Galaxy S6 seems to have a lot of upper hand.
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NVidia Day Celebrations - Hyderabad #NVDay

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Nvidia celebrate a PC gaming event today in Hyderabad at PlayMax.

Today 4hak Developers join, Nvidia Day Celebration in Hyderabad, We played amazing PC games on Latest Nvidia and challanges across Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Fifa, Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) and Team Fortress. 

Along side we also experience game tasks and we enjoyed taking selfies and taking part in Zombie Shootout.

At event Nvidia showcased the new GTX Titan X, the latest gaming card from NVIDIA. It combines the latest technologies and performance of the New Nvidia Maxwell Technology.

Nvidia GTX TITAN X Specs

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Create benchmarks by choosing the finest among Samsung galaxy note edge vs. Samsung Galaxy s6 edge

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The emerging generation of youngsters is filled with extra ordinary excitement and enthusiasm. Likewise, they are also becoming gizmo freak. The most essential and crucial gazette which has occupied a significant place in every individual’s life is Smartphone. Life seems impossible and monotonous for the young generation without a Smartphone. There are numerous Smartphone manufacturing companies in India, which offer innovative, unique and advanced models of Smartphone for the users. Among them, the leading position has always been acquired by Samsung.
Being a Korean company, they have created innumerable benchmarks in the mobile phone industry of India. The two most innovative and advanced experiments of Samsung which has been launched recently include Samsung galaxy note edge vs. s6 edge. These two models of Samsung are amazingly exceptional in terms of advanced features. This is the reason that people have started making comparison between the two extra ordinary models of Samsung. 

Some of the basic significant features on the basis of which comparisons are made by the user among Samsung galaxy note edge vs. s6 edge include:

•    Extra ordinary Curvy design: The most impressive thing about both the models of Samsung is their exceptional curvy designs. They both are popularly known among the users because of their curvy edge which has brought revolutionary changes in the mobile phone industry. They both are one of kind mobile phones with curvy edges of the screen. This breathtaking design of both the phones has become the most attractive feature for the users.

•    Difference in Display size: There exists a minute difference between the two super models of Samsung in terms of display size. The Note edge 6 possesses 5.6 inches display screen while S6 edge possesses 5.1 inches display screen.

•    Difference in Processor: In terms of processor, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is comparatively better than that of Note edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note edge comprises of 2.7 GHz Quad core processor of Qualcomm 805 Snapdragon whereas the S6 Edge comprises of 1.5 GHz octa core processor. However, both the processors are superior in terms of performance.

•    Difference in Camera: The primary camera or the rear camera of both the Smartphones is similar. They both possess a 16 Mega rear camera for effective picture quality. However, there exists a visible difference in front camera of both the phones. The front camera of S6 edge is 5 mega pixels while that of Note edge is 3.7 mega pixels. 

•    Difference in Operating System: The latest version of Android Operating system can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is equipped with Android version 5.0. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge us equipped with Android version 4.4.

•    Difference in Battery Capacity: The battery capacity of both the models also differs. The Note Edge possesses a better battery capacity than that of S6 Edge. The battery capacity of Note edge is 3000 mAh while that of S6 edge is 2600 mAh.  
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WhatsApp for Windows Phone received minor update, voice calls still not available

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The latest update for Android / iOS version of WhatsApp brings the long-waited voice calling features to all users. on the other hand, Windows Phone receive a small minor update. Unfortunately, this update doesn't come with an official change-log attached to it, and there are no new features included.

The new minor update fix some issues and improve the overall performance of the application. The application is fully compatible with all devices powered by Windows Phone 7.5 and above.
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